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Now here’s a question I find myself asking a lot.

Why us? What did we do?

Why would the universe (or the powers that be - whatever you believe in) decide this was what they wanted for us?

Over analysing everything. Any tiny little thing you’ve ever done wrong. Every mistake you’ve ever made.

Was it my fault?

The truth is it’s no ones.

Doctors and scientists have very little understanding of what really causes anencephaly and why.

Their solution - take a higher dose of folic acid before and during any subsequent pregnancies to avoid it reoccurring... even though there’s a 2% chance it still could!

Top notch advice when you’re grieving the loss of your much wanted and loved child.

I know they’re just trying to help, but it wasn’t what we wanted or needed to hear.

The truth is we are far to heartbroken to even consider having another baby.

We're both so petrified of going through this again.

We wanted this baby. We want our baby.

We just don't understand why.

Why our baby? Why us?

April 2021

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